Discover the Amazing Age-Reversing Results of Plasmasculpt

Plasmasculpt™, a groundbreaking NEW regenerative minimally invasive procedure is now available at New Look Solutions. Plasmascuplt™ was developed by Dr. Anil Rajani. Dr. Rajani is a world-renowned pioneer in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and an international trainer in aesthetics. He traveled to Pueblo, CO to train Dr. Key on this procedure!


What is Plasmasculpt?

This exciting new procedure harnesses the power of your own body’s healing cascade. Plasmasculpt™ is a combination of Sculptra (PLLA*) and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). The treatments stimulate collagen and elastin, as well as your body’s other support structures to reconstruct your lost volume as well as more youthful looking skin. Dr Rajani trained Dr. Key on this cutting-edge procedure. Different concentrations of Plasmascuplt™ are used on different areas of the face depending on your needs. This allows your body to achieve amazing, self-made results. Your own body essentially remakes its own lost collagen!

How Does Plasmasculpt Work?

Here’s the science: *PLLA is a lactic acid molecule. The body makes lactic acid naturally during exercise and then breaks it down to carbon dioxide and water. Scupltra® is made synthetically in the laboratory utilizing simple sugars derived from organic wheat and corn. In your body, Sculptra® particles break down into carbon dioxide and water. The body responds by forming type 1 collagen to plump the skin. This process has been extensively studied and confirmed with microscopic tissue examination.  Sculptra® Aesthetics is not just a simple ‘wrinkle filler’, but rather a true volumizer that directs your own body to produce collagen—a process called “biostimulation”. PLLA* has been used for over 35 years in the United States in dissolvable suture and implants. Its safety, efficacy, and compatibility with the human body is well established. When it is placed in strategic locations, outstanding youthful changes can be achieved.

What Should I Expect During the Procedure?

Plasmasculpt™ is applied with fine needles and cannulas. Plasmasculpt™ rebuilds your collagen over time, creating a natural look gradually.

The number of treatments recommended depends upon the quality of your existing skin, tissue laxity and surrounding bone loss. Many people are happy with one session but three treatment sessions are generally recommended to achieve the best outcome. Treatments are usually administered over a 4-6 month period. Unlike traditional fillers that dissolve away, Plasmasculpt™ stimulates gradual results that don’t look fake. Since your own body makes the collage- it is yours to keep! Plasmasculpt™ doesn’t dissolve away like traditional dermal fillers. You should anticipate getting a blood draw to obtain one of the components of Plasmasculpt™- your very own collagen age reverser: PRF.

What's the Difference Between Plasmasculpt and Dermal Fillers?

Plasmasculpt™ results are made by your own body and are yours to keep! Touchups are often done at 2 years depending on lifestyle and personal aging rates.

PRF (platelet rich fibrin) is a natural product created in your own blood. When injected into specific areas, it promotes your own collagen to grow and stimulate tissue, naturally smoothing and tightening the skin, softening wrinkles, and promoting smoother and tighter skin. We strategically mix our concentrations, plan our depth and location and placement for a safe and effective outcome. Traditional dermal fillers do not occur naturally in our bodies and can dissolve quickly or even be rejected over time.

Dermal fillers are instant and obvious. This often leaves many people look “done” or “filled” or “fake”and is obvious to friends and family.  Unlike traditional fillers, there are no obvious lines where Plasmasculpt™ is placed. The result are not instant- but as they kick in, you will be amazed and end up with a more natural, permanent and youthful look!

What Results and Longevity Can I expect?

You WILL look younger with Plasmasculpt™! Your skin will be tighter and have increased elasticity and smoothness. You will have a healthy glow, and a natural looking, youthful end result.™

The visible changes may begin subtly in as early as 2 weeks, but reliably at 2 months. Full results occur over the next three to six months. You can expect the results to last two to five YEARS while traditional dermal fillers last six to twelve months.

Follow up treatments are less invasive and would be considered more of a “top off,” so you won’t have to ‘start form scratch” as we do when adding traditional dermal fillers.

Ultimate results depend on existing skin damage, the number of treatments required as well as client follow through.

How Much Does Plasmasculpt Cost?

Plasmasculpt™ is a procedure that is groundbreaking and invented by Dr. Anil Rajani, CEO of Style Aesthetics in Portland, OR. There is no other physician in the state of Colorado or surrounding states that knows how to do this procedure. The results can last up to 5 YEARS and is not the cost of plastic surgery.  The physician will perform a consultation on you and outline whether you are a candidate and an overall long-term anti-aging plan. At that visit, the costs involved in turning back time and literally rejuvenating your face will be discusses. The amount of product may vary by person and effect the price.

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