Achieve Sustainable Health with Our Free Long Term Weight Loss Plan

Medical Weight Loss

We offer free monthly check-ins to monitor your recent weight loss. Including B6/B12 shots, our physician is here to make sure you stay on track and continue to meet your goals. 

To our knowledge, we are the ONLY clinic in the state of Colorado that continues to assess and manage a customer’s weight free of charge for an entire year following their weight loss. The financial worth of this free year is actually over $1000!

At New Body Solutions, we are aware that 76% of dieters in the United States will regain their weight within a year. This is unacceptable to us! In our maintenance program, we have our customers come in monthly without charge. They receive a B6/B12 injection and we assess their weight, body fat volume muscle volume and metabolic rate. This allows continued metabolic enhancement and nutritional support. We can catch someone before they regain and assist them in their maintenance efforts.

Customized Weight Loss

We appreciate the time and effort you have taken to find us. Our practice, located in Pueblo, offers the latest in medically supervised weight loss and body contouring techniques in a private, safe, and caring environment.

Dr. Maureen Key is a Board Certified Physician, trained in the science of Bariatric (weight management) Medicine. Our primary focus is providing you with the safest, most effective weight loss and body contouring programs available to transform you into a slimmer, sexier, healthier you.