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We appreciate the time and effort you have taken to find us. Our practice, located in Pueblo, offers the latest in medically supervised weight loss and body contouring techniques in a private, safe, and caring environment.

Medical weight loss usually refers to the proactive management of diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors conducted by a physician. 

Dr. Maureen Key is a Board Certified Physician, trained in the science of Bariatric (weight management) Medicine. Ourprimary focus is providing you with the safest, most effective weight loss and body contouring programs available to transform you into a slimmer, sexier, healthier you.

New Look Solutions Medical Weight Loss Clinic follows the most advanced clinical guidelines for weight loss. We continually update our programs and medications so that you can achieve the easiest and fastest weight loss. Our FREE maintenance program is included with each patient’s diet regime. We pride ourselves on customer service, satisfaction and success.


Available during ALL of our programs are:

  • Prescription appetite medications supplied on-site
  • Various fat-burning injections such as B6/B12, Lipoden and MetaPlus
  • Custom medications to reverse metabolism slow down due to aging, stess and more
  • Physician supervision
  • Free maintenance including injections for one year

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What Are Our Weight Loss Patients Saying?

It's amazing and it has worked for me! Weekly weigh-ins and detailed print outs are very helpful! All the staff has been helpful and extremely nice!
Jeanne H.
Pueblo, CO
Great program! I believe this program has taught me a new way of life, and a new way of looking at food and understanding what it does for me. I also understand the importance of exercising and portion control. I also have an understanding of BMR, BMI, good fat, bad fat, getting the right mix of starch, proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, water, etc. The girls were great! This program saved my life! I wouldn't change a thing.
Larry M.
Pueblo, CO
I have really appreciated all the staffs encouragement and friendliness. Dr. Key is one of the most positive and personable people I have ever met-LOVE HER! I hope to make my goal and continue with the maintenance successfully!
Erika M.
Pueblo, CO
This program has been a lifesaver! I have been blessed with many things in my life and consider this another blessing! Every Part of the program and Staff has been great!
Michael R
Avondale, CO
The program is so easy to follow and succeed with! Everyone is wonderful! Dr. Key and staff thank you so much for giving me back my life and making me feel like a person again!
Kathie B.
Beulah, CO
I am very pleased with the program. The staff is supportive and very friendly. I am appreciative of the maintenance program, and it was one of the reasons I chose this particular weight loss program.
Cherie H.
Pueblo West, CO
I really enjoyed the program! It has been the best success I have had with weight loss in 15 yrs! I'm looking forward to your upcoming cookbook!
Michele M.
Colorado City, CO
The staff was so supportive of my goal, and they always listened to my questions helping me learn more about how my body was working and what to do to improve my well being! They are terrific! I feel like a million bucks! The program is something I would recommend to everyone! I'm happy with everything- don't change a thing!
Catherine A.
Pueblo, CO
I love this program! I'm so happy I came across it! I’m more confident and feel and look so much better! I have a lot more discipline when it comes to eating and exercising. Everyone here is so good to me and VERY helpful!
Aileen N.
Pueblo West, CO
GREAT!!! WONDERFULL!!! This is the only way to go! I have tried everything including acupuncture, Weight Watchers, Curves, Nutri-Systems…Is there anything else???
Joyce O.
Pueblo, CO
The program is great, and the personnel has been wonderful and very helpful!
Debby C.
Pueblo, CO
I was very pleased! The program is easy to follow and the staff is great!! I feel great, and will let everyone know about the program! I was very happy with everything.
Christie N.
Pueblo, CO
GREAT! Great staff! Great support! Great results!
Cheryl K.
Pueblo, CO
I think the program is great. The staff and Dr. Key are wonderful and very supportive! The results are awesome!
Josette F.
Canon City, CO
Program is Great! Personnel gets an AAA++; facility gets an A++!
Donna M.
Pueblo, CO
Everyone has been wonderful, supportive, helpful, and genuinely nice to me. The program is great!
Sue D.
Pueblo, CO
I have enjoyed my experience here very much! The staff is wonderful and efficient. Dr. Key is fabulous and together you helped me lose the weight and feel 100% better! I look forward to seeing all of you when I come back in during my maintenance. Thanks to you all! I would love to see you open another Clinic nearer my home.
Carol B.
Canon City, CO
The program was extremely beneficial to my weight loss goal. I feel that with out the support I would not have been successful, simply because I haven't been in the past. The facility was always clean and well prepared. The staff was very accommodating and interested in my progress.
Michelle M.
Pueblo, CO
The program is excellent and easy, and the results are unbelievable! I lost 60 pounds and have kept it off! The staff is very friendly and helpful, plus professional!
Daniel M.
Pueblo, CO
The program has been a lifesaver to me and has been everything I had hoped for! I have lost 35 pounds that I know I wouldn’t have otherwise. Dr. Key and the staff have been supportive and always friendly. The facility is great because you can get your medications, food, supplements, and even have blood drawn in one place.
Carol O
Pueblo West, CO
I think it is awesome! Everyone has been so great! I enjoyed the monthly seminars and I have also appreciated the one-to-one. Everyone is wonderful and answers all of my questions- even if it takes them 3 times to make me understand! Dr. Key- thank you for your support for women! You'll have all the referrals that I can give you!
Sharon B.
Canon City, CO
The program has been wonderful and easy to follow. Everyone is super supportive and they keep you positive. I tried Atkins, Dr. Phil, Med Fast, and L.A weight loss. I would lose a few pounds but no more. I feel great! I have energy, and I’m feeling like the old Marie! Thank you everyone!
Marie T
Pueblo, CO
Outstanding! There's not enough room for me to express my above excellent satisfaction! Ever last person I have encountered here has always been more that supportive. You feel like you are visiting family! Dr. Key- you are truly a godsend to people who don’t know what else to do-seriously, I have tried it all- and this is the only thing! You and your staff are the only ones that care to help!
Richella S.
Pueblo, CO
Everything about the program was great- the people that work here are the best! I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Key! She is wonderful- she cares- and wants you to feel good about yourself! Thank you all! Don't change a thing!
Karen Sue C.
Pueblo, CO
I have been very satisfied with the service at New Body Solution. The staff is very friendly and encouraging! I am happy with the entire program!
Carlan C
Westcliffe, CO
This was the best experience I have ever been through! The Staff and Dr. Key are fabulous! I have recommended New Body Solutions to everyone I meet that asks me how I lost the weight!
Zana D.
Pueblo, CO
Begin a transformative journey at New Look Solutions’ Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Pueblo, Colorado. Renew your health and confidence with our medically supervised weight loss and body contouring programs. Benefit from the latest in weight loss science, including customized medication and fat-burning injections, guiding you to a slimmer, healthier you.