Hand Rejuvenation

Why should I consider hand rejuvenation?

There is an old saying the “the hands show your age.” For some people, their hands make them look older than they really are. Other people may simply dislike the appearance of their hands as they get older and desire a more youthful appearance. Our clients often seek hand rejuvenation to restore the appearance of a smooth, youthful hand.

Hand rejuvenation can include a variety of treatments that treat the signs of aging hands and increase elasticity in the skin.

What is hand rejuvenation?Hand rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation is the restoration of young-looking hands to the best possible look. Over time, hands lose tissue volume leading to deep cervices with visible tendons and veins. The veins can become enlarged and stand out. The skin can thin, leaving a paper-like appearance. “Age spots’ and pigmentation also add to the look making hands appear old.

What can hand rejuvenation do?

Depending on your individual complaint and desires, we can address the most common signs of aged hands. The sky is the limit on what can be done and the plan you set with the doctor is based on the look of your hands, your desires and dislikes, and your choice of every step in a treatment plan.

What is done during hand rejuvenation?

Each issue on the hands is treated over time based on a treatment plan. For lost volume that exposes tendons and veins we can plump that volume up with various dermal fillers to return lost volume and give a more youthful look. If rough and creped skin is an issue, resurfacing can be performed through a choice of 3 different techniques. If your complaint includes enlarged or spindled veins, they can be “scleroses” or closed with a specialized injection that causes the veins to close down and become less apparent. If your hands have many age spots or overall irregular sun damage and pigmentation, this can be decreased with chemical peels, laser therapy, topical creams or a combination. As every one’s hands have different needs, your hand rejuvenation plan will vary from someone else’s.

How long does it take?

Hand rejuvenation plans vary per person. Your hands didn’t get to their current appearance overnight and returning them to a youthful appearance takes time. Patience is required! The timeline for completion varies from one visit to many planned and staggered treatments over many visits. Building collagen and decreasing pigment take the longest and long term continued home care will also assist in getting us to a goal.

Does it hurt?

For procedures that can have discomfort we use a custom topical cream made for us at a local compounding pharmacy. Most of the procedures are totally pain free. We make every attempt to keep your visit as comfortable as possible and you will be informed of both pre and post care for any procedure that you undergo.

How much does it cost?

This varies per person. We are very clear with our pricing and that is discussed with you at you doctor’s consultation. Each type of treatment carries its own cost. This will be clear to you and we ask for payment as each treatment is performed. We do not force you to pay “package price” up front.

How do I get started with my hand rejuvenation?

Do you want to start? Simply call the office and request a doctor consultation for a hand rejuvenation evaluation. We require a $75 consultation fee paid in advance and once that is arranged, you are on your way to smoother, younger hands!

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Renew the youthfulness of your hands at New Look Solutions. Our hand rejuvenation services in Pueblo, Colorado, effectively combat signs of aging, restoring elasticity and smoothness. Tailored treatments rejuvenate your hands by increasing volume, reducing age spots, and improving skin texture, transforming them into a smoother, younger-looking state.