Hair Restoration in Pueblo, CO.

The newest non-surgical hair loss treatment for women and men is available!


Is losing my hair normal?

Hair loss affects both men and women and is a normal but upsetting part of the aging process. Some other factors, including genetics and family history, alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder), thyroid disease (low thyroid) and even severe physical or emotional stress, can influence the rate that hair loss occurs. Hair loss can also be seen as thinning of eyebrows as well.

What is hair restoration in Pueblo CO? Is it a surgery

Our cutting-edge hair restoration procedure is a proven technique and utilizes an amazing new cellular technology that is only available to certain medical providers. Even better, your own body does the work once the process is started! Your dormant follicles “wake back up”. Your active follicles start putting out thicker hair faster and the results can be amazing. Although everyone responds differently when the procedure is performed as it utilizes a person’s own body’s resources, we have had fabulous results and our photos can support anticipated outcomes. This hair loss treatment for women and men is available, and it is not surgery. It is special, painless scalp injections. With platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and the addition of a stem cell nutritive cellular matrix, we can bring back the old follicles that have gone into permanent dormancy. It cannot revive dead follicles, however. It is a virtually painless, cutting-edge procedure that is used for patients who do not want surgery. The results can be amazing.

How fast will I see results?

Although we like to suggest that actual renewed growth can take 3-6 months, many of our clients can see visible changes much faster than that—even in weeks!


Has this technology been tested?

Yes! Platelet-Rich-Fibrin (PRF) hair restoration in Pueblo, Co., is a new, non-surgical hair loss treatment for women and men that uses cell growth factors to regenerate and restore the inactive hair follicles when combined with an exclusive wound-healing technology. These specific growth factors are essential in tissue regeneration and healing. PRF is used in other practices as well, such as oral surgery, orthopedics, and dermatological applications. PRF is not the same as simple PRP.

What is the hair restoration treatment like?

PRF is obtained by drawing the patient’s own blood, just like what is done during a routine blood test. PRF is not the same as PRP and requires specialized equipment to obtain. It is then separated using a unique centrifuge. While the blood is being prepared, the patient’s scalp will be numbed with a topical anesthetic cream to make the hair restoration in Pueblo, Co. treatment virtually painless. Once the serum is isolated, it is mixed in our proprietary concentration with a stem cell matrix. It is then strategically injected into the scalp where hair loss or hair thinning has occurred. It can also be utilized in the eyebrows. When the procedure is over, the patient can leave and immediately go back to their normal daily activities.

What happens after the hair loss treatment?

The hair follicles treated with PRF plus our proprietary concentration of cellular matrix stem-cell technology from Acell will immediately be reinvigorated and begin to grow new hair. The hair will strengthen and become thicker.

How many treatments are needed?

The result of this procedure can be expected to last years.  Most people are candidates. However, a consult is required as this procedure requires a physical assessment of the area where hair restoration would occur. We perform the procedure only once unless the client desires even more dense growth.


What else can I do to help my hair grow?

Our treatment of hair loss includes optional add-on treatments that can fuel the process even further. Red-light cellular scalp stimulation, customized hair restoration serums and even scalp mesotherapy injections of other follicle stimulating products can be performed at additional appointments to speed and strengthen your results. You don’t have to suffer with your thinning hair and brows anymore!

Hair Restoration in Pueblo, Co., add-ons:

Hair growth serum for males and hair growth serums for females.

There is a difference in what stimulates hair growth between the sexes. We have come up with a fabulous self-care hair loss treatment for both women and men and women. These are custom-made and compounded by our partnering pharmacy. They are prescription strength and require refrigeration. They are not oily or thick like some over the counter products. These combination serums supply the follicles with even more stimulation and support more vigorous regeneration and strengthening of the follicles. These products can be used whether you opt for our hair regeneration treatment or not.

Mesotherapy follicle boosting cocktails

Utilizing nearly hair-thin micro needles, we can place customized nutrients into the follicle containing layer of the scalp. This is an almost pain free service and helps further supply direct support of needed nutrients to aid in robust follicle regeneration and hair thickening. This can be a stand-alone procedure if you do not opt for our hair regeneration treatments. Yet, it is also a fantastic monthly to bimonthly add-on for success. This procedure takes less than 20 minutes and has no down time. We simply ask that you arrive with clean hair and wait 24 hours after hair restoration in Pueblo, Co., treatment to rewash your hair if desired.

LED Oscillating Red Light Therapy

We utilize the premier Kiier medical grade scalp stimulating LED system. You may have heard of red light therapy, but unlike weak and ineffective over the counter lights, the high level penetration and strength of our system is amazing. This is also a free-standing procedure that takes 30 minutes per session. Sessions three times per week are optimal and the science behind this technology is quite amazing.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is something that is out of reach for most people and still can fail or thin over time. Hair transplant surgery is complex, has significant down time and is extremely expensive. We have seen quoted rates of $4,000 to $15,000! If you want to get your hair or brows back with our hair restoration in Pueblo, CO. technique without surgery, call us to begin hair loss treatment for women and men services and schedule a consultation today