Looking Great At Any Age

A Consumer's Guide to Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures.

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Detailed descriptions of some of the more common non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures available today such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser/IPL skin treatments that can now give you eye-catching, wrinkle-free skin without long recovery periods or lost time from work. Learn the facts that will help you make an educated decision on which procedure is right for you and avoid those oh-too-familiar pushy sales pitches we all hate!

How these breakthrough anti-aging skin treatments can erase years of damage leaving behind younger-looking, wrinkle-free skin you’ll love to touch and as a bonus, these procedures can be done gradually so that nobody will even know you had any work done!

How to pick the right doctor… Don’t even consider choosing a doctor for a non-surgical facial aesthetic procedure without first knowing these very important

Answers to some common questions regarding wrinkle reduction and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures.

What to expect after your non-surgical aesthetic experience.

And much more . . .

Customized Weight Loss

We appreciate the time and effort you have taken to find us. Our practice, located in Pueblo, offers the latest in medically supervised weight loss and body contouring techniques in a private, safe, and caring environment.

Dr. Maureen Key is a Board Certified Physician, trained in the science of Bariatric (weight management) Medicine. Our primary focus is providing you with the safest, most effective weight loss and body contouring programs available to transform you into a slimmer, sexier, healthier you.