Men's Facial

A man’s skin has unique concerns. Our men’s facial is custom fit to work the best with your skin type!

“What, a guy getting a facial?”

Men often think that getting a facial is only for women. Yet, men’s skin is so much different than women’s skin that getting a spa & facial treatment geared towards their unique needs is one of the best things any guy can do for their looks.

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“Why should a guy get a facial? My skin is fine.”

Besides having facial hair, there are actual structural differences between men and women’s skin. Testosterone makes the man, but testosterone also makes your skin thicker.  Men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s. The skin is tougher, has larger pores and is prone to a higher oil production. When you add in the fact that most men shave every day, further irritating the skin, it is time to consider a men’s facial.

What makes a Gentleman’s Facial special?

We tailor this spa & facial treatment for men specifically to address your special skin needs. This is a customized 60 minute facial.  We start with a deep cleansing including an exfoliating scrub and extractions if needed. We readdress the skin thickness with our unique enzyme and CBD oil mix to gently get down a bit further to healthy skin.

Once we reach the level we want, we start a series of hydrating layers while steaming. This pushes a huge amount of moisture into your skin. Included in those layers are peptides, stem cells, botanicals, and antioxidants that help the anti-aging battle and the environmental attack that men experience. A specialized facial massage technique is performed to help remove puffiness, toxins and get the muscles and blood stimulated.

spa and facial treatment for men

We end the men’s facial with a hot towel followed by placement of our specialized oils that help decrease shaving irritation.  During the facial, the doctor can discuss any concerns you may have regarding your skin or shaving irritation.

How often should I get a Gentleman’s Facial?

It is best to get monthly professional skin care-whether it be a repeat men’s facial or other treatments that you discuss with the doctor during your initial appointment.

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