Covid Mask Relief Facial

Face Mask Skin Care

Our COVID mask relief facial will help with breakouts, redness, and chaffing caused by most face masks.

With the “new normal” of daily mask use, our skin is taking a beating.

Dryness, chaffing, redness, breakouts and over all irritation and overall discomfort is now our skin’s “new normal.” We don’t know how long this will go on. Forever? No one knows. However, don’t despair!  Our new Covid Mask Relief Facial is the answer. You can also get those chapped hands treated too if you wish. Your skin will thank you! You will thank you! Your eyes will thank you! This is a custom facial  designed by our doctor and utilizes some of the best and innovative products available for your face mask skin care. In this time of daily mask use- it is the perfect answer!


What is the Covid Mask Relief Facial?

This face mask skin care treatment helps reduce redness and irritation while increasing skin hydration and plumpness with a special attention to the under eye irritation and dryness we all have.

Step 1. We start with a luxurious hydration cleanser

Step 2: A gentle yet amazing nutritious and soothing exfoliation starts the recovery process of getting rid of that built up dry, dull skin while adding nutrition and returning skin’s plumpness.

Step 3: Our unique under eye plumper “eye recovery” mini masks are placed under the eyes and remain throughout the rest of the facial. These little gems visibly hydrate, plump and brighten your tired eyes.

Step 4: While your eye masks do their magic, a cooling hydrating gel is massaged in while the amazing iced gel wands pull your tension and irritation away. This process gives amazing relief to your tired skin, relaxes your tension, and pulls irritation and redness away. This ice massage + gel layer leaves your skin amazingly refreshed, reinvigorated and quenched.


Step 4: Our *next, our amazing Patented DPR Hyla mask is placed and allowed to infuse your entire face and neck with much-needed vitamins, minerals plus more hydration.


Step 5: Your entire face is topped off with our trademark soothing hydration elixir.


With New Look Solutions, you can combine your Covid Mask Relief Facial with any of our other facial treatments!




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